Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Super Bowl & Super Tuesday

Within one week, two SUPER events are going on, although which of them is SUPER-er is debatable. On the one hand you have the presidential primaries that will determine the two final candidates vying for leadership of the free world, and on the other the greatest football spectacle in history. So I'd say it's a tie.

Frankly, the Super Bowl this year was an amazing game, and I got exactly the result I wanted. I hate to brag, but I thought the Giants would win since the handily beat the Pack two weeks ago. As one sports analyst pointed out while hawking a Giants win: no team has played better football in the post season. He was right, and so was I. What a game! Unlike most years, the ads were only a diversion. The game was better, and that doesn't always happen. Tom Petty was good but not great during the halftime show and Jordin Sparks was much better than expected for the national anthem and made great use of her vocal chords without too many airs. Unlike certain other, Canadian singers that have done it in years past. coughcoughcelinedioncoughcough. It probably helps that her father actually was a pro football player.

On to Super Tuesday. It's looking very bad for Romney, better than expected for Huckabee, and predictably a walkover for McCain. I guess I'm going to have to reconcile myself to McCain as the frontrunner for the GOP nomination. I don't like it, but my likes and dislikes sadly do not determine everything, or indeed much at all. Huckabee had a great day, winning West Virginia, Alabama, Arkansas, and some other states, at the expense of Romney. McCain won some of the more liberal states and generally stuffed it up Romney's face. McCain, whose campaign was virtually dead this summer, has been revitalized, and it's shocking to me how large a part the liberal media played in it. After his unexpected win in New Hampshire, they hawked him 24/7 and it paid off. Those dirty crooks. Oh, well, no one listens to me anyway. Romney is pretty much dead unless he takes the big prize, California, which is still in voting. I saw polls yesterday that had him with a lead over McCain, but that seems improbable considering how liberal the state is, and that many former supporters of Giuliani, the most liberal candidate, went over to McCain.

On to bigger and better things. Anyone could have seen in my post about Predestination that I was wavering, and I finally slipped over the brink. BUT I DON'T HAVE TO LIKE IT! No, I like it. I now realize it's the clear scriptural position. Frankly, what I don't want to do is talk about it. I hate arguing about things when I've just switched from one side to the other. I have to give my predestination shell some time to harden.


sweetggirl said...

So what was controversial about the super bowl? I didn't watch it of course. :p