Friday, February 1, 2008

Rarely have I been so repulsed

I know these Islamo-fascists are evil, but rarely has their sheer depravity been driven home to me so graphically. These madmen strapped vests, stuffed with dynamite and ball-bearings, to two mentally diabled women. They sent them into a crowded pet market in Baghdad. And then detonated the bombs. By remote control. How utterly, completely sick. What is humanity coming to? How can we claim to have any vestige of human dignity left when we let this stuff go on? These people deserve to die.


sweetggirl said...

I heard about that, Mos. That is SO SAD! Of course, I think that all of them have thrown a bit of mental handicap on themselves when it comes to the ability to sense cruelty and things that are sinful. But that is SO sad.

madscientist said...

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