Friday, June 6, 2008

Goodbye and Good Riddance Candidate Hill--Say Hello to VP Hill

A day after my speculative post about Hill's staying in the race, she's gone. And there is A LOT of pressure in the media for her to be Obama's VP. If that happens, bye-bye McCain.

He's neck in neck with Obama in the polls right now, but that won't last. As Emperor Palpatine would say, "Together we will be unstoppable."



sweetggirl said...

She QUIT?! Thank you for informing me! I just hope that Obama is wise enough to not let her be his vp.....

Anonymous said...

AWWW! Poor Hillary! just kidding
I think obama actually annoys me more then hillary though, well, idk, i probably don't know enough about politics to really figure out for myself which ones worse.