Friday, June 13, 2008

Mosings, Version 3.1

Ah, the boldness of white. Like a newly-sheetrocked, virginal home in a faceless suburb. I was going to revert to the blood-red & cream template of the past, but as I edited it I found this more to my liking. The color scheme could undergo a few changes, but I do like the scarlet-on-white patina, like a cardinal against the snow.

This is nothing short of a rejuvenation for Mosings on Life. Looking at the previous template drained all my will to post--sounds silly, but it's true. It had to go. This one, I hope, will cultivate a return to the young, brash, viciously accurate Mosings of yore.

The first steps toward Mosings-domination of the blogosphere:

1. More cultural/societal posts.
2. More book/movie reviews.
3. Don't post anything direct about the 2008 election for ONE MONTH. Starting today.
4. Perhaps some more personal posts--such as one informing you that I HAVE A JOB!

At McDonald's! I start Tuesday. People's responses have been very, very mixed, but the friends I have who work there (including, perhaps, some of you) assure me that it isn't that bad. Whether this will be a summer-only or a long-term job remains to be seen. I'm fairly glad McDonald's asked me first instead of Nilssen's, because the job I really want is the library one, and to work in two jobs, at least one of your employers must be flexible. Since McDonald's is so flexible, the problem is hopefully solved. IF I get the library job, which is by no means certain.

Ah, that was a nice little diversion.

5. Favorite Book/Movie list?
6. More God/Christianity-oriented posts.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is the Mosings Six Steps To Success Method (TM).

My friends, comrades, and countrymen, please welcome:

Mosings on Life, Third Edition. Now with introspective, softer-edged rhetoric, but still the same Mosings BITE when you need it. Enjoy!