Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Will Hill Stay?

Barack Obama probably is now being called by respectable media outlets the presumptive nominee. He has surpassed the number of delegates needed, and it has been increasingly clear in the past months that he is the leader in this campaign. Now the question is: what will Hill do? She hasn't as yet conceded defeat, but most reports say she's angling for the VP spot, which Obama might just give her. Personal feelings between the aside, polls show that if Obama is the nominee, a substantial portion of HRC's hardliners won't vote for him. Depending on how much of that is dependent on racism or sexism, picking HRC as his VP would be a smart move--and bad for John McCain.

Was Barack Obama born in the United States? He says he was, in Hawaii, but the State of Hawaii refuses to release his birth certificate and is now no longer paying them any attention. It hasn't mattered up till now because, as a Senator, he is allowed to have been born outside this country, but as President, he can't. So, this is important. Chances are he is American-born, but this is a serious issue, and how much coverage of it have you seen in the We-love-you-B.-Hussein-Obama media? Zilch. Zero. Nada.

McCain's VP pick becomes all the more important if Hillary is Obama's Veep. Why? Because they would have a historic ticket. If I was McCain, I would choose someone young, preferably a woman or a minority. That seems a little cynical, but it's the way to win. Voters, starstruck by a black president and a female VP, would vote for Obama-Clinton on that alone.

Therefore, my two nominees:

Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska. The first female governor of Alaska is also a fairly Conservative, pro-life, pro-marriage female, who became the first person to give birth while a governor. She gave birth to her son Trig on April 18th of this year. She's a woman, she's conservative, and in a recent poll she beat out everyone except the Huck as possible VP picks.

Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana. Governor Jindal is thirty-six years old, and of Indian descent. He was, however, born in the United States, making him eligible to be Vice-President. He has bullied the reluctant and corrupt Louisiana legislature into passing sweeping ethics-reform bills in a state ravaged by Katrina and corruption. He's charming and personable, rather like a younger, Indian, Christian, pro-life Barack Obama.

So...You decide. Well, actually McCain does, but I'd like your input as well.


Ted said...

After watching both McCain's and Obama's speeches on TV Tuesday night, McCain no less than NEEDS to run Alaska Gov Sarah Palin as his VP mate.

Sola Gratia said...

ted, whoever you are, I kind of agree. Obama, as Robert Novak says, is a great orator--something McCain isn't. And the Republican base is less enthusiastic about McCain than it has been of anyone in recent memory--including Bob Dole in '96.