Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Weekender

Among other things, this week brought Mitt Romney's endorsement of John McCain in the presidential race. This was a foregone conclusion, but the question remains: how many of Romney's delegates will consent to support McCain? If most of them go over to McCain, Huckabee's campaign will lose what little vigor it has left. If most of them go over to Huckabee, he will still be the longest of shots, but will still be very much in the race. That, at least, should be good. Although nothing really can derail McCain at this point, short of a heart attack, competition in the race is probably good for him. I think that if he stopped campaigning against Huckabee now, and entered general-election mode and attacked the Democrats this far ahead in the race, voters would quickly grow tired of it. On the other hand, he has a head start on Obama and Clinton, who still need to show each other who's boss in the Democratic race.

Another college shooting, this one at Norther Illinois University. Paradoxically, the shooter was a well-adjusted white male, outgoing and a decent student, as opposed to the V-Tech killer, an Asian with an inferiority complex and mental problems. This rampage was thankfully less deadly. So, why did this man suddenly crack? Easy, he went off his prescription meds. Just think about that for a second.

I've started a great book called "The Cure," written by a Canadian doctor, about health care in America. For those of you unaware, Mrs. Clinton advocates a socialized health care system, saying it would lead to "fair and equal care." This book, however, shoots that down in the first three chapters. Capitalism is good for the soul.

Well, I'll bid you adieu for now. Enjoy your Lenten season!