Thursday, February 14, 2008

Is It Too Late for Hillary - TIME

Time Magazine, not known for insightful reporting in my opinion, has a decent piece about Obama's post-Super Tuesday murder of Clinton, with eight straight primaries or caucuses under his belt since.

I suggest you check it out, here.

Clinton has concentrated on late-primary states Texas and Ohio, who will vote on March 4, while leaving potential general election swing-states, such as late-primary Wisconsin in Obama's tender grasp. This could be a fatal move, but then again if she takes Texas and Ohio, she will be almost irretrievably ahead of Obama, so it could pan out.

I find myself backing Clinton in the Democratic race, for some reason. It could be just a cynical thing, based on the fact that Obama has a better chance of winning in the general election, but then again it could be a subconscious resentment of Obama's unspecific, "End pain and suffering" campaign. I think that might be it. Whatever can be said of Clinton, she really does have a plan as opposed to Obama's newspeak over everything from Abortion to immigration.

As the Time article says, "The battle has been joined; the question for the Clintons, however, is whether it is already too late."


sweetggirl said...

Maybe I'll ask my parents to make an agreement....that if Hillary wins, I can go to the UK for Conservatory training hands down,LOL.