Thursday, January 10, 2008

A short post on the New Hampshire Primaries

As you may or may not know, the New Hampshire Primaries were held on Tuesday. McCain won on the Republican side, and Hillary for the Dems.

This shakes up the race considerably, since neither Huckabee or Obama, the winners in Iowa, were close to the leaders. McCain, amazingly, looks closest to the nomination now. Huckabee still has a chance; he polls strong in South Carolina, but Michigan is up next and if Romney doesn't win it, his campaign is toast.

Fred Thompson as well is in pretty dire straits--even Ron Paul beat him in NH. He needs to stick around till South Carolina to gain any momentum at all. If he he fails in SC, look for him, sadly, to drop out.

On the Democrat side, this puts Clinton back in the hunt. Obama may be reeling a little, but it's essential for him to win more primaries than Hillary before Super Tuesday, February 5th, because the game is wide open once you get there, and Hillary's long, long campaign and huge name recognition will help her.

Bon Apetit!