Sunday, January 13, 2008

Election Season Faith: Swindling America, one Churchgoer at a time

Most of us don't remember much about the 2000 election. I vaguely remember the whole flap about Gore and Bush in Florida, and it was definitely impressed upon me that Mommy and Daddy supported George Bush, and I remember George Bush saying at one of the debates that Jesus Christ was the greatest political philosopher in history, but beyond that my memory fails me. I was only 8, for crying out loud.

But one thing I see now that I didn't then: George Bush won (and yes, he did, for all those liberals who still won't admit it) because he fleeced the Evangelicals into voting for him. 2004? Same thing. Of course, he can't run in 2008, but Mitt Romney, John McCain, and even Rudy Guiliani are trying to prod the Churchgoers of America into voting for them. And I'm sick of it.

You may have heard some vituperation about Huckabee here, but I don't deny he has the right to get the Evangelical vote. Evangelicals are one of the most solid voting blocs in America; almost as solid as African-Americans and Cattle-Ranchers, and the Republicans know it. I deeply resent being nominally part of a group that is now expected to follow Huckabee to the gates of Hell. Not that Romney, Giuliani, or McCain would be any better.

McRomliani is still trying, though. It's rather funny, really, watching them, especially Giuliani, trying to portray themselves as religious, not to mention deeply Conservative.

Giuliani is the funniest. Mr. Underbite Neanderthal gets so hot and bothered twisting himself in circles seeming to be the antithesis of himself. Romney, the plastic wonder, and McCain, the mad old guy, are just as bad.

*Sigh* Well, we will see.