Tuesday, January 15, 2008

"Known Unknowns" Hypothesis

One of the most common arguments for Evolutionary theory, specifically teaching it as fact in the public school system, is that the overwhelming amount of scientific evidence supports it. Although this is only true for the most part because most Scientists support Evolution, and their findings reflect their prejudice, this can be a hard argument to counter.

It is a uncontested fact that the most living things share astonishing amounts of similar DNA. This seems to support the theory that the living things were all descended from a common ancestor. The same single-cell organism that evolved (from nothing) ten billion years ago evolved into both a banana and a human.

But I digress:

My hypothesis about "evidence" for this or that form of explaining the way the universe and life came into existence is this: There is so much information pertaining to the creation of life and matter that we KNOW of (e.g., we need to find missing links to prove Evolution, or proof positive of a worldwide flood to back up the Bible) and it is safe to say that there is far, far more information that we DON'T know we need to prove anything about such a vast subject--the unknown unknowns.

I also think this vast expanse of raw information, evidence, data, whatever, will never be fully realized, or even acknowledged because it is beyond human reason. This is hard for us to comprehend simply because it IS beyond our reason, and since we are the greatest reasoning force that we (humanity) can prove with actual physical evidence, I think there must be a greater force at work in the universe. Thus, God exists.


sweetggirl said...

I agree...it's rly funny bc I just heard (and to my horror watched) my physical science teacher give one of his soapbox speeches about this today for like 15 minutes....yeah, he frequently does that.