Friday, January 18, 2008

CNN Political Center Betting

CNN has a kind of stock-market set up for questions on the election, like, "Who will win the South Carolina Republican Primary?" If you set up an account, you start with $5000 in virtual money and you can invest in candidates. I bought a hundred shares of Thompson and a hundred shares of Romney to win in SC, but it looks like McCain will win with a bitterly fought race for second between Thompson and Huckabee. It's pretty cool, I added a widget of it to my blog. You can check it out HERE.

In other news, I finished finals week. I got an 88 on my Greek final, which makes me grade for the semester about a B+, which makes me happy :)

Also, I'm really excited that the Pack is ONE GAME AWAY FROM THE SUPER BOWL!! I'm probably going to watch that game on Sunday, and keep tabs on the New England-San Diego game as well. If we win against the Giants, we're in the Super Bowl, and we'll be playing the winner of that game. I'm hoping for San Diego, because otherwise the Patriots will be going into the Super Bowl UNDEFEATED for the season, which would be sure to put Favre out of sorts. I mean, the guy is the Quarterback of the Gods, but honestly, he's touchy. If he starts the game on the wrong foot, he loses.

This is something I dug up on Facebook a while back:

Our Favre, who art in Lambeau
Hallowed be thine Arm.
Thy Bowl will come.
It will be won,
Everywhere, as it is in Lambeau
Give us this week our customary win,
And give us many touchdown passes,
But do not let others pass against us.
And Lead us not into frustration,
But deliver us the silver football.
For thine is the MVP,
the best of the NFC, and the glory of the Cheeseheads,
Now and forever, Amen.

Mildly sacrilegious, but good nonetheless.

Well, see you later!


sweetggirl said...

Congrats on your Greek Final! And to be totally honest, football is greek to me...I totally don't understand how it works. They are just a bunch of madmen running around on the turf...although I bet that if you can understand the game, it's interesting.

Sola Gratia said...

Rachel, I didn't understand it either. But then, in fourth grade, I think, I played football at recess for about three years straight. I am really awful, but I love watching the game, and especially when the Packers and/or Brett Favre are involved. It's just a little more glory for my favorite state in the union.