Saturday, January 19, 2008

Kucinich wins Come-from-Behind Victory in Munchkinland Primary

Second-stringer Democratic presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich won a landslide victory in Munchkinland. This should boost his numbers nationwide, which have been staying steady for the past six months at 0%. Falling Panda "-Spiking the Political Punchbowl-" has the rest of the story HERE.

In other, less important news, Mitt Romney and Hillary Clinton have won the Nevada primaries. South Carolina, hotly contested, is still open. McCain and Huckabee are ahead.



sweetggirl said...

Well....about those Packers......:p

Sola Gratia said...

Rachel, you're rubbing salt in the wound. How could we lose to Babyface Eli Manning and Plaxico "Prescription Meds...What?" Burress??

sweetggirl said...

LOL, sorry.......okay, no LOL....sowwy...:( that was mean