Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Ten Worst (etc.) Part II

First the chipmunk (with treasonous urges) and the murderer (with faux humanitarianism.)


Our beloved Congress Majority leader, who is the head of a Congress that gets lower approval ratings than its archvillain, G.W. Bush. I think that's a rather illuminating fact. People do not support the president's method of waging war, but neither do they support the surrender-to-our-enemies-and-make-them-better-people liberal congress. With the tumultuous Clinton years behind us, I think we're experiencing residual, knee-jerk pessimism about our governmental process due to almost sixteen years of philandering. But anyway, back to "Pinko" Pelosi. The woman is a talented politician, attempting to equate the 2006 midterms with the 1968 Democratic Convention in terms of "rebelling against the bigbrotheristic establishment, man! Peace, dude!" Don't step in the politics. Recently, anti-war mom Shindy Ceehan (whoops, I mean Cindy Sheehan. How did THAT happen??) gave up her anti-war protests, saying, in effect, "that chipmunk Pelosi betrayed me and didn't get our troops out." So, you can see that the Dems got elected because of discontent with Iraq, but that they have failed to secure their total-surrender goal (Thank the Almighty.) Really, she's just a mindless Liberal; a slave to Saul Alinsky and Karl Marx. This common breed likes to graze on the hard-won gains of the proletariat, but if you put it in a position of power, it rushes to (A) deceive the electorate, (B) lie, and (C) contradict itself. Sadly, Pelosi exhibits these traits in the extreme (Note: the more power you give to a Mindless Liberal (glutteus maximus), the more these sad traits are in evidence.) Nancy Pelosi is the SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE. The Speaker is second in line to the presidency, after the vice-president. In more visceral terms, Nancy is two bullets away from being president.


Kevorkian is ALMOST as infamous as he is stupid. He claims to have "assisted" over 130 people in committing suicide. Dracula would be so proud. He's an old fart now, dying slowly of Hepatitis C and released from jail because of ill health, but still one of the most hated individuals in the world. Nothing is syonymous with human cruelty than "Dr. Death," who famously said "dying is not a crime." Why is he so low on the list? Well, unlike in the case of, say, Terri Schiavo, all Kevorkian's victims assented to being murdered, perhaps not realizing that it would be permanent :).

Next up: Another murderer and "The Justice Brothers."


Your Conscience said...

maybe this murderer is O.J.? anyway, i again TOTALLY agree, and i like the way you describe Dr. Death. HEE HEE! what a DIMBO!!! dying is not a crime... BULL S***!!! "San Fran Nan" is not such a bright bulb either... i cant begin to picture what would happen is she became presidant... OOOOO... THAT WOULD SUCK!!!