Friday, June 29, 2007

The Ten Worst (Etc.), Part III


Do I really need to explain it? Originally, I was going to put the abortion clinic bomber here, but I decided that O.J. Simpson was just as bad or worse. I really don't want to go into details, so I will move on.


Sharpton and Jackson have gotten away with more evil than most other people. The reason, sad to say, is the color of their skin. Both of them are African-American. Now, just for a second, pretend you're a journalist, a reporter. You find out something incriminating about a prominent white pastor or televangelist: he smoked pot in college or something. If you put that in a paper or a blog, you are patted on the back for exposing the truth of the matter. The career of the person is ruined, or at least tarnished. Whenever he tries to do something, people will remember the incriminating fact and doubt his sincerity. Perhaps this is undeserved, but think of Dun Imus, the radio personality who a few months ago said something extremely insulting about a women's basketball team, which was predominantly black. His career is now ruined. He was a dixiecrat, and had a foul mouth, so I certainly don't miss him, but is this fair? He was a "shock jock," something like Ann Coulter, and several people have suggested that his contract with CBS stated specifically that he was hired for his ability to shock people. (I know, what a great talent...) Now imagine that this person is African-American. Frankly, the reporter would be the one with a tarnished career. He would be accused of everything from "racism" to "bigotry" to "fascism" to "Nazism" to "disrupting black leadership" to "*****" to "******." All because the perpetrator of this misdemeanor was black. There is a double standard regarding race today, and the Reverends Jackson and Sharpton have exploited that for their own gain. The United States wil be divided on the lines of race as long as this practice continues.

There are so many episodes of impropriety on the records of both of these men that is impossible to go into real detail about any of them. Jackson had an illegitimate child with a member of his staff--and then paid her off with funds from his Rainbow/PUSH coalition. Sharpton with his financial philandering, along with the Tawana Brawley debacle and protesting the conviction of a Black/Latino gang that brutally raped a white woman jogger in Central Park, saying, in effect, that because some of the perpetrators were black and the girl was white, that the crime did not take place. He was heard shouting racial epithets at the trial (aimed at the victim.) Jesse Jackson also boycotted Anheuser-Busch, distributors of "Budweiser" because not enough of their regional offices were owned by minorities. Soon after, Jackson's two sons ended up owning the lucrative Chicago rights to distribute Budweiser, which many people beleive Anheuser-Busch was blackmailed into giving them for a piddling amount of money. On the 23rd of June, he was arrested for criminal tresspass in Chicago because he had refused to vacate the premises of a gun store in a poor neighborhood that he accused of selling guns to gang members. (Legally.) Ummm, Reverend Jackson, aside from your own hypocrisy, wouldn't it be better to get the laws changed, instead of protesting one single instance?

One of the most blatantly racially-motivated episodes in the career of the Rev. Sharpton was the affair surrounding a popular, minority-patroned store in New York called Freddie's Fashion Mart. The store was owned by a Jew. The building that housed both of these stores was owned by a Black Pentecostal Church, and the Church decided to ask Fred Harari, the Jewish owner of Fred's Fashion Mart, to evict his sub-tenant, a record store. This is, of course, his right, and such things happen everyday in New York, but of course in this instance it was unforgivable because the owner of the record store was Black. So, of course, Sharpton immediately began protesting and screaming more racial epithets at the owner of the store (Jackson and Sharpton are both renowned for their Anti-Semitism.) One of the protestors in Sharpton's march apparently took the Reverend at his word, ("We will not stand by and allow them to move this brother so that some white interloper can expand his business.") The disgruntled man, an African-American, went into the store and shot seven customers and employees (most of whom were Black) and then himself. Sharpton, of course, denied that he was protesting at all.

Frankly, I could go on and on. These men should both be in jail. They are taking advantage of the color of their skin move their liberal agendas forward, and anyone who gets in the way is, to them, a racist, a bigot, or worse. That, Ladies and Gentlemen, is racism.

Next up: Two senators; a moron dirtbag surrender-monkey and a former Ku Klux Klanner.