Sunday, May 20, 2007

McCain fumbles the ball

Say goodbye to McCain as a presidential candidate. He was lagging in polls, and his fundraising attempts were rather poor, but he was still one of the GOP frontrunners. Not anymore. The source of his doom is actually two-fold. According to pundit Michael Reagan, son of Pres. Ronald Reagan, he is doomed because of his support of the newest wrongheaded immigration bill. However, that isn't the worst. According to, he flew into a rage at some sort of debate, uttering both the s-word and the f-word. What a colorful man. Definitely someone us "family-values" conservatives want to elect. I really hope he's learned his lesson.


sweetggirl said...

So I take it that ur not going to cheer McCain on then? LOL, I don't blame you. Gosh........cursing? That is SO SAD! wow.