Monday, May 28, 2007


"Son, your average Rusky don't take a dump without a plan."

I've added a "Presidential Poll" Widget at the bottom of the blog. Sorry for the lack of updates, but last week was heck, and this week looks like it has the same forecast. I don't plan on posting again until the weekend, because it's finals week (AAAAAH!)

So, vote for Thompson!


sweetggirl said...

Just curious, what does the quote mean? Sorry I'm so....uh, not able to comprehend everyhing all the time, but IDGI,LOL. What's a Rusky?

Andrew said...

A Rusky is a Russian Communist at the time of the cold war. The Quote is from The Hunt for Red October. You gotta see that one! haha! anyway.....PHYSICS!

Andrew said...

BTW...I just had to vote for McCain after that last comment ;-)