Sunday, May 13, 2007

Evolution Rebuffed 1

My first in a series of arguments against evolution. Let it be known that I have a classical Christian worldview, and so I am predisposed to doubt evolution, but the very theory itself seems riddled with holes.

Argument 1:

Evolution teaches that, over eons of time, one species eventually "evolves" into another through natural selection. This has been categorically proven. For example, look at the many and varied breeds of dogs and cats, all of which came about through human-encouraged natural selection. Since dogs were first domesticated, the profusion and variation of breeds has grown exponentially. Starting with the first pair of dogs that walked off the ark, we now have hundreds, maybe even thousands, of largely distinct breeds. They are so diverse that they cannot truly be called members of the same species. Look at the corgi. Does it truly resemble a St. Bernard enough to be a member of the same species? No. And yet, these dogs all descend from a common ancestor, whether you believe in evolution or Christianity. This is proof of microevolution. Darwin, of course, went further, and applied his theory to all species on the earth, and indeed life itself. That is macroevolution. Of course, this method would take billions of years, and still does not explain how life itself started. Evolutionists attempted to answer this question by saying that life began in its simplest form from a random reaction of two chemicals. This is, of course, impossible. It still leaves unexplained matter. How did the chemicals that reacted to form life come to be? According to evolution, they have always existed. This is ludicrous. Without God, the universe is implausible, incomprehensible, and unexplainable.


sweetggirl said...

So very true.......incomprehensible. Am I the only one bored of homework? I have been working on it since 9:00......although for some strange reason my planner doesn't reflect that. I WANT SUMMER! WAH!

Andrew said...

Dont worry, your not the only one tired of it! I HATE the end of the school year. bah. anyway, this isnt the place for ranting against school, just had to let you know i agree about the school thing.