Friday, December 19, 2008

My Poor, Neglected Bloglet...I Have Not Posted In 20 Days...I Had To Fly To Thee

If I believed in self-flagellation, my neglect of this blog for the past month would certainly induce me to do it. However, I don't, and in my defense it's been a more-than-usually busy Christmas season. In the time since my last post, President-Elect Obama has come many steps closer to his inauguration as leader of the free world, one of his political mentors has been caught blatantly trying to sell his Senate seat; the gritty, moral tale of good and evil in the city known as the Dark Knight has been released on DVD, I have watched a few good movies and quite a few bad ones, and most importantly Dokime has completed its phenomenal Christmas concert. And those are just the headlines.

All of you, I'm sure, have heard that the Illinois political machine has stretched to the breaking point. Governor Rod Blagejovich, who has always struck me as a bit of a thug, has proved it by trying to blatantly sell Obama's Senate seat. He is reported as saying, referring to the recently-vacated Senate seat, "I've got this thing and it's #$%&ing golden; I'm not giving it up for #$%&ing anything." He was planning on selling it in exchange for a position in Obama's
administration or cash. And if his press conference today is any indicator, he does not intend to accept the consequences of his actions and resign. Striking an absurdly self-righteous tone, he vowed, "I will fight. I will fight. I will fight until I take my last breath. I have done nothing wrong." Smug idiot. He went on further to villify his opponents, saying that they were keeping him from doing the people's work; "I will not just quit the job the people hired me for." Well, bub, it's a rare thing for a politician to recognize that his job exists only at the behest of the people, but you've missed the most crucial part--they hired you, they can also fire you, and if there's justice in this world they will. What we're seeing here is someone placed on virtual indefinite leave because of his own actions, ignorantly and absurdly trying to do his job. You failed, Rod. Give up.

The hysteria over the people of California's bold move to uphold traditional marriage borders; nay, exceeds ludicrous. Gay activists have shouted racial epithets at African-Americans, they have burned a Mormon Bible outside a Mormon church; they have blockaded churches. Are these the acts of rational human beings? As Paul might say, "May it never be!" Without sounding insensitive or judgmental--the Lord knows I have my own problems--the diseased, warped feelings that gays and lesbians feel are perversions of the natural order; their cry for equality with normal people is almost a plea for help: "Accept me. Tell me that I'm normal." You're not normal--they don't call you queers for nothing. There is no justification for your actions. They are the twisted and warped versions of God's original plan for the procreation of man. Homoseuxals to Heterosexuals are, if you will, like orcs to elves. The fact that liberals are so eager to turn over the history of civilization so that Rosie O'Donnell can sleep soundly at night knowing that she is "married" to a woman, is disturbing but also heartening: it reveals the utter intellectual desert of the Democratic party today. "We have no ideas for improving this country...We're just going to make sure queers can get hitched."

I've been thinking about colleges lately. The UW-RF is the modest choice, and my other ideas so far are Calvin College, Wheaton College, and New St. Andrews College. The latter is a tiny private school with some big Reformed names in Idaho, with very appealing and Biblical ideals.

Speaking of religion, I found out today that Christopher Hitchens did a religious debate with Doug Wilson, and looked up some footage on YouTube. Hitchens seems willing and able to debate any religious person, and his experience shows. It was a definite contrast. Hitchens is round-shouldered and bulky, with a receding hairline, and a baggy, owlish disposition. He looks like a statue of Ricky Gervais that has melted slightly. Doug Wilson, on the other hand, is a characteristically restrained Calvinist. He has broad, square shoulders, a wide, straight brow, thick eyebrows, a big beard and a grizzled, open disposition to Hitchens' acerbic, refined style. The whole debate hasn't been released yet, but I will watch it eagerly when it is; and compare it with the three other debates I have seen Hitchens in: with Dinesh D'Souza, with Marvin Olasky, and with Al Sharpton. The four of them together represent the great diversity of Christianity, but Hitchens has debated them all.

My brain grows impaired with the fogginess. I will, unfortunately, be gone for most of Christmas break, but I hope that in the slow month of January I will be able to devote more time to blogging. Until such time as I return, farewell.

Soli Deo Causa!


Lindsey Leithart Tollefson said...

Hey, I saw that you mentioned NSA in your post, and wondered if I could help you with anything. I'm the Manager of New Student Services at NSA, and if you are not already on our mailing list, I'd love to add you. We've got a couple of Prospective Student Weekends coming up too. Have you visited before? It would be a great time to come. You can reach me at Hope to hear from you! Cheers!