Saturday, March 1, 2008

This man scares the heck out of me.

Let's face it: the Barack Obama presidency now seems inevitable. I admire McCain for trying, and Hillary for not giving in, but it's inevitable. As Darth Vader, a close personal friend of Senator Obama would say, "It is your dessssstiny."

This video (here) shows the futility of all resistance to the Obama machine. Not only does the intransigence of his "hope" message crap, etc., but he can successfully mock Hillary for attacking him on the lack of substance in his campaign. Pretty good acting.

For a manikin.

No, I'm not insulting his intelligence. But it's the truth. Barack Obama is really a plastic facsimile created by the Borg Collective to influence human politics. He is controlled remotely, and he will influence America in the interests of the Borg Collective. For those of you who read this before the Borg assimilate me and take down this site, good luck. At all costs, the Barack Oborg menace must. Be. Stopped.

An duranium curtain has fallen across the free galaxy. Only John McCain and Hillary Clinton stand between it and your freedoms.

Run for your lives.


elisabeth said...

Mose, Can you give me some, let's see, backup for your case. Mabey you are right but can you back it up. Not just a video.

Sola Gratia said...



The Borg wouldn't dare to have another agent in this solar system when they already have you. JK, LOL.