Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Hill Wins Big

Well, they called it "Critical Tuesday," and it certainly seems like it. Hillary Clinton beat out Obama to win OH, TX, and RI after he had won EIGHT STRAIGHT victories since Super Tuesday. These wins are like a defibrillator for her dying campaign. Obama better sleep with a knife under his pillow. Pennsylvania is up next, and that favors Hill. If she wins there, it will be Obama playing catch-up.

In other news, McCain sealed up his bid for the GOP nomination, and President Bush endorsed him today. Huckabee dropped out gracefully.

It's winding down, and a McCain-Clinton race is now very possible. That would be ideal. I firmly believe that if McCain can beat the Dem, it is defeat, final, for liberalism.


sweetggirl said...

Well, once again I will say that if Hillary gets elected, I'm moving to the UK because the U.S. will go dooowwwnnn quicker than it will w/o her being elected,LOL.:p

Sola Gratia said...

Yeah, that's true. But the UK has had a Hillary-like leader since before I was born. It's not any better, LOL. ;)

elisabeth said...

Why do you think McCain is going to win. Give me some evidence to back up your THEORY.
Just Kidding
(now you need to give me the ultimate Celeste comeback, "Ah Shutup")

Sola Gratia said...

awwww, shaddup!

elisabeth said...

Mrs. Hokanson.....;)