Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Wavering on Huckabee

First the good news. Well, for you. In the past week, I have been spending entirely too much time fiddling with this blog. As you may have noticed. I have added, for example, a "Chat" function which you seem disinclined to use, a "Bookmark" function at the bottom of each post, a "Fred 08" button, a Christmas Banner, a new quote, a new Goodreads widget, and, of course, TWO new layouts. I have changed the layout a second time, you may notice, because I was sick of all that empty space on one side of my blog. With the new layout, that problem has evaporated like John's McCain's Presidential aspirations.

Second, the bad news. Huckabee, as you may know, has been making a serious effort in the polls. He is ahead in all-important Iowa and first or second nationally, depending on what poll you look at. This is good for HIM, but as I now realize, it may be bad for true Conservatives out there. I predicted early on that Huckabee would rise to the heap of the second-tier Candidates, and indeed he has exceeded my expectations. The more I look at him, however, the more his record seems to be too liberal, or in some cases, too plain strange. I have to say, and you can take this as official, that I am once again supporting Fred Thompson. However, I would vote for Huckabee with little hesitation, especially since his mix of experience, ambition, and charisma would make him a formidable foe for any Democrat, whereas Fred has a folksier, more easygoing style that may cost him in the long run.

Anyhoo, there you have it folks. I'm trying, in the interest of journalism, to post articles almost every day on the blog. Please, give me feedback. Also, I invite you to use the chat function. It isn't perfect, and I'm still looking for alternatives, but for now it could work. Fred 2008!


sweetggirl said...

I thought that you were for Huckabee...? Anyway, yeah, if you post everyday, I'll TRY to keep up with reading the posts. :)