Tuesday, October 30, 2007

That Complete and Utter IDIOT!

That stinking moron. That blankity-blank pasty-faced son of a jackal. That total festering codpiece. That onion-eyed tickle-brained giglet. That hard-drinking pseudo-intellectual fathead with the most annoying accent in the universe. That belching, toe-rag, snot-nosed, single-cell Cro-Magnon.

Who am I talking about? No, not the latest hot-air-spewing left-wing demagogue and his or her latest outrageous statement. Not even the latest Hollywood narcissistic nutcase telling us to use only one sheet of toilet paper (ala Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon.) Heck, I'm not even talking about the Blowhard of Blowhards, His Inflatedness Al Gore.

I'm talking about a man my ilk elected. Someone I've vigorously defended against the very people I usually rave about.

President Bush.

In an interview at the White House with Al Arabiya, an openly anti-American network in Saudi Arabia (as opposed to the openly Anti-American networks right here at home,) President Bush said that he believed all religions prayed to the same God. He called the righteous anger against Islam since 9/11 "radicals propagandizing," and went on to say that Islam was a religion of peace, notably echoing the dogmatic liberal slogan oft seen on aging Camrys in various hues of rust with sagging bumpers.

Okay, I've never bought the theory that Bush is dumb, but talk about stepping on your base! Evangelicals got that man elected! He won in 2000 because everyone thought he was a grassroots Christian. Whoops, sorry, I'm actually a rich, pseudo-Christian hedonist from Texas.

Well, I can understand that he wants to reach out to Muslim communities, but this? In my world, he would be removed from office and placed in a nice, quiet cell somewhere.

Do you guys share my outrage?


madscientist said...

Wooowww. He is still the President, but that is weird. and wrong. wow.

Your Conscience said...

This is disgusting. plain and simple. i never totally supported the guy, but i didnt expect this! what a fliptard! what a dumbutt!!! psuedo-christian hedonist is kind terms for him. what a let-down... thats disgusting.

madscientist said...

Do U exist anymore?? gosh!

elisabeth said...

Ok I totally agree that Bush was totally wrong in what he said and that is was a let down but we shouldn't talk so nasty about him. Ater all he is our president and we are supposed to respect our leaders aren't we?

Your Conscience said...

true... but in less than a year he wont be our president anymore... then we can spew to our hearts content... ;-)

Susan R. said...

I still like Bush!

sweetggirl said...

Oh my gosh! Yeah, I share your rage! Although that doesn't TOTALLY surprise me because when the pope died, he said that he was a "man of God"! But yeah. Wow. I didn't hear about this until I read your blog (which sadly I haven't done in a while......)

Your Conscience said...

you need to update your blog