Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Well, hello, how are you? Well, I'm fine. Yes, Marge is poorly, I've been helping her cope. Baked her a hotdish yesterday. Don't know what a hotdish is? Are you really from Wisconsin, or are you living a lie?


Well, you may have noticed that the link to the Dokime blog was non-functional. With great toil and a substantial risk of bodily harm, I have righted this error.

Other things? Well, I've been too busy to finish my earlier post, but I think it works standalone, don't you?

I've mainly been writing a story, doing homework, reading, and getting on Facebook. Fun, huh?

The new chapter to my (Harry Potter) story is now up on I know that none of you like Harry Potter, but I'd be obliged if you'd tell me what you think of the writing style, and point out any errors.

It can be accessed at this link:


Enjoy. I WILL be back later; you can take that as official!

"I hold you as a thing enskied and sainted."

--Shakespeare, Measure for Measure


elisabeth said...

What story are you writing? WHat is it about?

elisabeth said...

"Lie blistering before the visitating sun." William Shakespeare

Sola Gratia said...

Well,it's Harry Potter so you'd probably hate it.

elisabeth said...

Probably. Oh well.

sweetggirl said...

I will try to read it. Oh, and 4 ur info, I DID read the last chapter of the last HP book. It was sitting on my counselor's bed. And it was BORING,LOL. I'll try to read ur story though...