Wednesday, October 3, 2007

"Nastiness '08!": the Mudslinging has Begun!, Part 1

Now I DO have the motivation for a full-length post because I'm STINKIN' mad!

One of my worthy readers said that she was looking forward to my posts as we neared the actual election--"when it all hits the fan," in her words. Unfortunately, the party has started early.

It all started a few weeks ago, when, a liberal website, possibly funded by shadowy billionaire George Soros, took out an ad in the New York Times defaming a four-star general. Mysteriously, they obtained a drastically reduced ad rate, something that the NYT later called a clerical error. I'll bet.

This ad was really just a bad pun. "General Petraeus?" it asked, referring to the commander of our troops in Iraq, "or General Betray Us?" Ha. Ha. So funny. However, it DOES impugn the honor of a four-star general in wartime. Actually it not only impugns Petraeus' honor, but flat-out calls him treasonous! Perhaps that wasn't the original intent, but that's how it turned out.

There was the predictable big hullabaloo about it, which still hasn't been resolved. However, it didn't stop there. A few days ago, Rush Limbaugh, the humble and introspective conservative talk radio show host, was also made a victim of the liberal shenanigans. On his September 26th program, Limbaugh was talking to a caller, and...well, here's the exchange:

"'What's really funny is, they [Iraq war critics] never talk to real soldiers,'" the caller said. "'They like to pull these soldiers that come up out of the blue and talk to the media.'"

Limbaugh responded, "'The phony soldiers.'"

It may sound creepy, but there are left-wingers who listen religiously to Sean Hannity, Rush, Mark Levin and other conservative radio hosts, just dying to catch them in anything they can use against these men and women. This time, they found something. Or they thought they did.

And then a sitting senator hypothesized ON THE SENATE FLOOR that Rush must have been on drugs. Wow, it really has started.

Unfortunately, I'm SO STINKIN' TIRED I can't finish this today. I'll be back!


madscientist said...

Jerks. There is a reason there symbol is a u-know-what! lol

Your Conscience said...

Mos, i updated my blog. read it. lol

elisabeth said...

THose fat cow *%@* *&%# liberals. What more can I say?

Sola Gratia said...

LOL, Liz, you finally read my blog! Awesome!