Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Ten Worst People on Earth

What a long, strange trip it's been. So far, this list has probably been the jewel in my blogging crown. I really wish I had more time to explore the deeds and most especially the misdeeds of the unfortunate people. Unfortunately, like most homebodies, I'm always somewhere else :).


It is time.



There are certainly people who genuinely like the Clintons and believe that, on the whole, the Clinton presidency--perhaps more than one--has benefited or will benefit America. Not because to do so is almost sacrilege among the Democratic ranks--at least until a certain junior senator from Illinois came along--but because they know that, for example, the U.S. economy soared during the Clinton years.

I respect these opinions. However, I believe them to be misguided at best--and very possibly willfully ignorant. The Clintons have shown themselves time and time again to be callous misusers of power, moral and religious train wrecks, and unfettered political opportunists of the highest order. From Vince Foster to Ron Brown to John Huang to Travelgate to Monica Lewinsky, the Clintons have proved themselves unfit to serve in the highest offices of our government--to which they continually aspire. But that is my OPINION.

To me, at least, there is staggering evidence that my opinion is correct. Indeed, that is why it IS my opinion. However, there is always some technicality; some hitch that prevents the evidence from being "incontrovertible."

Let us, for a moment, assume that about 90% of the accusations are absolutely false. Fruitless attempts by the "Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy" to discredit the President of the United States. This, indeed, is what many Liberals believe. Why, then, have these accusations never surrounded ANY other president? Aside from the (Republican) blots on the presidency, Richard Milhous Nixon and Warren Gamaliel Harding, our presidents have remained remarkably scandal-free. That is, until Clinton. I believe that, just as myths and legends have basis in fact, the accusations against the Clintons do also. The extent that fact goes to, however, is the question.

Monica. Even the name sends shivers down the spine of the hardest leftie. Now, I'm no expert, but Monicagate is downright irrefutable. Ms. Lewinsky is still one of the most hated people in the world--for various reasons. Perhaps the greatest is that Monicagate provided the baying hounds of the Far Right with evidence, irrefutable evidence, that President Clinton was at least something of the execrable pus-boil they had been claiming for years he was. This was unheard of. A Democratic president with actual EVIDENCE against him? JFK and even LBJ had their share of scandals, but they were clandestine and not generally known until many years after their respective presidencies (for the most part.)

To this day, I know many people are wondering how in heaven's name Clinton escaped fom that electrically-charged imbroglio with his political reputation. If anything, his popularity has, in the long term, actually GONE UP. I can only assume that the inner libertine of our beloved Far Left secretly applauds his actions.

The honorable thing to do, of course, would have been to submit himself to criminal charges and come clean. Failing that, he could resign like Nixon did, with part of his honor still intact. But no. He served out the rest of his term, predictably doing absolutely nothing to stop the growing tensions in the Middle East--tensions that would eventually lead the World to 9/11 and beyond, to the long, ruinous War on Terror. A war that we cannot end. Hillary can't do it. Obama can't do it. No one can. To me, at least, the presence of American troops in the Middle East is the only thing keeping the lighted fuse from reaching the powder keg, so to speak.

And now, Mrs. Clinton expects us to forget the many and varied scandals that dogged the Administration she kept insisting she was the "co-president" in, and to elect her to our nation's highest post.

So, for their lies, hypocrisy, and bizarre tradition-bending appeal, Number One goes, and always will go, to the Clintons.


your mother said...

Is 'inner libertine' your own coinage or did you borrow it from someone? I like it.

Peacefinger said...

'Inner Libertine' is kinda fab.

Sola Gratia said...

You people are NOT related to me...

Just kidding. Yes, that is my own coinage.