Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Profuse Apologies for the Dearth in Posts

Sorry, and all that, but things do tend to pile up, don't they? For example, I've been taking Driver's Ed, going on Vacation, and trying to write a story while simultaneously moving into a new house. So, I guess I have a good excuse. For now,I lack the motivation to post, as there's nothing better to do. When the school year starts, however, and Blogging becomes higher on the priority list (it's better than homework :), I'm sure I'll be more motivated to continue with my excellent and numerous blitzes on the Postmodern Left.

Not that I will leave you to suffer until September, however. You may expect Number 1 in my searing list of the Worst People on Earth tomorrow or the next day. THEN I'm going on Vacation AGAIN! Rather frustrating, but duty calls! Believe me, I have at least a month's worth of posts stacked up, ready to write. One afternoon I was bored so I sat down with my notebook and recorded them all. Here are a few highlights:

-An in-depth study of the War in Iraq. Was it the right thing to do?

-Another blistering list, this one entitled "The Five worst REPUBLICANS on Earth."

-Is this Atheism's moment?: What I saw at Border's.

-An update on Fred Thompson, as well as an expose on Congressman Ron Paul.

-An analysis of socialized health care, brought to prominence by Hillary and Michael Moore's new Mockumentary, "Sicko.

-Not to mention my review of the latest and last Harry Potter book

-AND more features on the blog.

Perhaps even a new format....Anyway, we'll see. Enjoy! :)


your mother said...

I'm interested in your expose of Ron Paul since I was starting to like him

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