Wednesday, June 6, 2007

The Extreme Makeover of Hillary (Rodham) Clinton, by Bay Buchanan

This book is extremely hard on Hillary. Almost too hard to be believed. Buchanan portrays Hillary as an insecure infomaniac. I can hardly agree with this assumption. I see her as more of a cynical politician, manipulating those around her for her own gain.

There is one passage in the book, however, that shines. It is talking about Hillary's original vote for War Authorization:

"But here are the facts. A heated national debate preceded the vote [to approve the use of military force against Iraq], with the antiwar voices from the Left and the Right, demanding the president seek congressional authority before proceeding. He did so. He toook his case to Congress and they gave him the authority he needed. The measure was entitled, "A Joint Resolution to Authorize the Use of United States Armed Forces Against Iraq." Nothing ambiguous about it--and Hillary voted for it.
Now Hillary claims she didn't believe that she was voting for war--that is a lie. She doesn't have the courage to defend her vote or the courage to call it a mistake--she wants to blame it on someone else. He [Bush] "misled" me--it's all his fault.
But the bravery and sacrifice of our soldires--over three thousand of whom gave their lives--demands more from our leaders, especially those who would be president. Whether President Bush's decision was right or wrong, wise or foolish, he has always accepted full responsibility for it. For this much, he must be commended.
Hillary, on the other hand, accepts no responsibility. She is, therefore, not fit to serve, unqualified to command, and not worthy to be commander in chiref of our fine young men and women. It's about character."

Hillary is an opportunist. She attaches herself to the ascendent War platform, and speedily dismounts at the first sign that the war isn't goingwell. But hey, that's politics.


sweetggirl said...

Yeah, I think that she's a bit psycho. Maybe she should go to a Happy Home a few months be4 running for office. It might give her a better chance of winning,LOL.

Sola Gratia said...

I think you're right. Actually, she should reinvent herself as the next Martha Stewart, lol.

sweetggirl said...

Hey ur right! She could easily pass as Martha Stewart,LOL.