Sunday, May 6, 2007

Party of Greed, Candidate #3

John McCain

Maybe it's harsh to call McCain a fat old geezer, but it seems to fit the bill pretty well. He would be the oldest president ever if elected, as he is already over 70. His maverick status might help him in a regular election, as he has the uncanny ability to hover in the middle of issues, although the talent pales in comparison to Hillary's ability to seem on both sides of the same issue, a great gift indeed; but in this election John McCain toes the party line on the war in Iraq, the key issue, and so-called "values voters" are repulsed by the very term "maverick" in reference to a Republican candidate. For this reason, McCain will find the middle of the aisle a very lonely place.


sweetggirl said...

Well, with age usually (italicize usually,LOL) comes wisdom....but with John McCain.......who knows what aging leads to,lol. It seems like by the time you're seventy years old, you would stop worrying about being liked by people and about being on both sides of the fence. Poor John. Maybe he never grew up,LOL.

Mos said...

What a mean-spirited comment...and entirely possible :)