Saturday, April 28, 2007

The Party of Lust, Candidate #2

So: on to Candidate #2

Barack Hussein Obama

Obama is a long shot for two reasons: He doesn't have the influence or the fundraising sources that Hillary has, although they're neck and neck in the fundraising right now with about 25 million for him and 26 for her, and I think she'll pull away from him in the polls. The second reason is that he has charisma. No bad thing, right? Wrong. He's all charisma and not enough issues, much like Segolene Royale, the French socialist candidate for Premier, which I believe is the equivalent of president .

It seems to me that Republicans are giving Obama an easy ride, instead of lambasting every move he makes like they do with Hillary. Even the notoriously soft-spoken, insightful, and humble Rush Limbaugh, in his Limbaugh Letter, did not antagonize Obama himself, but ridiculed what he calls "Obama-Worship" by Hollywood and the media. This light-fingering is probably caused partly by Obama's lack of a stand on issues, which, as we said earlier, might backfire rather badly on him, and the fact that Obama has leftist "Defenders of Equality" like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, who are ready to paint anyone who disagrees with Obama as a "racist fascist Nazi capitalist pig" if they're in a good mood, and such is their influence that many people would believe them. What a wonderful world we live in.

Next up, John Edwards.