Friday, April 27, 2007

The Party of Lust, candidate #1

Rod Dreher, in his excellent book Crunchy Cons, calls the Republicans and Democrats "The party of greed and the party of lust." This is no doubt apt. Our political system is padlocked by these two parties, full of men and women who are not leaders but politicians. But anyway, to business.

1. Hillary Rodham Clinton.
Clinton is an enigma. She continues to exert her influence on the American political system by some of the most daring and convincing lies ever perpetrated in that system, which, I don't need to tell you, has seen a lot of philandering in its day. Her carefully constructed persona of good will toward everyone is so real as to almost convince you. Does this deter the American people? Of course not, where have you been? History has shown that the best-funded candidate who can make him or herself out to be something completely alien to their nature is the one who will win the election, and will rule Park Place and Boardwalk with an iron hand for the next four years. I believe Hillary will win the election, and the next one. I dare say, she'll wrangle hard for a third term as well. Under her rule, the country would descend further back into the Primordial swamp. First of all, the Health Care system would be socialized, and the tax burden would virtually erase America's middle class. In Canada, it is noted, where they have socialized health care, most people who can afford it come to America for medical treatment. The hospitals, under contract from the government, would not have to fear malpractice lawsuits, standards would slide, and medical care would be reduced to a laughingstock. More, that is, than it has already.

Anyway, time constraints force me to close, but Hillary would be the worst thing in our country since Michael Jackson. And I mean that to sting.


rachel said...

I totally agree with you........although I'm not as bright as you so I can't understand all of the vocab,LOL. You should seriously consider running for president,LOL.

Rachel said...

Actually, I can't understand about half of the vocab,LOL