Wednesday, April 22, 2009

"This Means War"

With Taliban forces only 87 miles fom Islamabad and Pakistan's nuclear arsenal, I thought I'd discuss something the fact that China has 32 million more boys under the age of 20 than girls. Why? Some horrific disease that strikes girls in childhood? 

Well, yes, in a way. In fact, these missing girls were never given a chance of life outside the womb. Ultrasound technology revealed to their parents that they were of the "undesirable" sex, and because of China's One Child Policy, they are not given the chance of life outside the womb. They are aborted. More than 30 million lives snuffed out in 20 years, because their parents cannot abide a girl child and their government mandates only one child per family. 

This is a disgrace. This is sexicide. 

And worse, according to Rod Dreher, it means war. 

What will the Chinese governmnent do with these surplus young men? Just take a guess. 

"For the sake of stability, the Chinese government in the future will have to find some way to channel all that masculine aggression and frustration outward. Not good for the rest of us. Just another fruit of abortion. How is it, exactly, that feminists here maintain their unqualified support for abortion rights when abortion is used to carry out a holocaust of baby girls abroad?"


Sue said...

I have often asked myself that same question about feminists.