Thursday, October 16, 2008

I Honestly Seriously Totally Can't Think of Anything to Post About

There's always politics, but frankly the political scene is so acrid and malicious and depressing that I'd rather not pay attention to it. Or more accurately, since I'm glued to political websites, I don't want to draw YOUR attention to it. As Obama pulls ahead, McCain babbles apoplectically. Whatever happens, it's going to big losses for Republicans this November. All is Vanity. What's the point?


My life is falling into the school-year routine. Five days of Dokime is nice, actually. I've been more on top of my homework this year than I have been at Dokime ever. I'm working at the library which is so soothing and intellectual and awesome and such a blessing. I'm engulfed in a John Grisham book right now, after trying to read Umberto Eco's The Name of the Rose...I like to say my literary tastes are wide, but I believe the operative term here would be "fickle."

Mom is in Vegas for a conference, and I miss her. Of all the people to send to Vegas...probably the city on earth most alien to her personality. But she'll be back Saturday.

My new blog motto; I liked St. Athanasius' epitaph, "Athanasius contra mundum," which means "Athanasius against the world," so I adoped it. I hope it meets with your satisfaction.

I'll think of...SOMETHING! to post...EVENTUALLY! Until then, I love you all.

--Sola Gratia


elisabeth said...

I agree on the political issue, it's got me pretty depressed as well.
What John Grisham book are you reading?
To be honest that "I love you all" kind of creeped me out. I understand though, it is simply "missing-mom" withdrawl.

Sola Gratia said...

I read "The Summons." It was good, but not his best effort.

Heh, sorry I creeped you out.