Saturday, September 13, 2008

Good Heavens

Not a single post since August 30th. O, the shame! Since that time the school year has started and my leisure time (and thus blogging time) has evaporated faster than a puddle on hot pavement. I have concluded my ten-week employment at McDonald's, and moved on to the next stage: the Baldwin Public Library. I now hold one of three Student Aide Librarian positions at that august establishment. The job is certainly an answer to my fervent prayer over the two years I've volunteered there. Thus far, it has been a no-nonsense but productive and tranquil work environment, especially compared to the slippery, hot, sweaty, loud, stinking, opprobrious chaos of McDonald's.

I leave McDonald's with few, if any, regrets. All in all, it was utterly unsuited to me, or perhaps I was utterly unsuited to it. I won't dwell on it, but suffice to say that I thank the Lord I'm out of there. Incidentally, I picked up my last paycheck there today, and handed in my uniforms with a light heart.

If you have been keeping up with the news, you know that not one but two hurricanes have landed since I last blogged: Gustav and Ike. I have contemplated buying two small, white, ineffectual dogs with loud, persistent barks and naming them Gustav and Ike, to show the frenzied alarum of the news media in the days leading up to both of these hurricanes which have turned out to be substantially duds as the farce it really is. Although, it is better to be over- than under-prepared, at least where hurricanes are concerned.

Governor Sarah Palin, the newly-hatched GOP nominee for Vice President, has been undergoing the media equivalent of a mob hit-job because she is a beautiful, principled, intelligent, Conservative woman--all qualities alien to the news media and their masters the Demofiendish Party.

But the public has seen through this transparent media hatchet-job, and McCain has risen above Obama in the polls, making the race close. As you may recall, Bush trailed Kerry heavily for much of the campaign in 2004, and then won. Hopefully we've seen the turning point in the race. A McCain-Palin ticket is not perfect, but anything this better than the village-idiot, content-free, shameless, media-endorsed circus of moronic repetitious vapid rhetoric about Hope (the Lord God) and Change (Mother God) of the Obama-Biden ticket.

School has brought back all the old fun memories of last year and the year before--as well as the not so fun. Like having a running commentary on my lunch and how I'm eating it. Have you ever had a table full of girls giggle whenever you took a bite out of a banana? Quite an experience, I can assure you. And not one that I was especially happy with.

Academically, however, I am staying on top of homework (so far) and I intend to continue to do so. I am beginning to slowly research colleges, as it is already my junior year (yikes!). New St. Andrew's College ( in Moscow, ID was reccomended to me by my pastor, and looks very good. I will be praying about it.

I watched Amazing Grace with Ioan Gruffudd, Michael Gambon, Romola Garai, and Albert Finney again today. What an incredibly excellent movie about a modern-day saint (well, sort of); William Wilberforce; who ended the British slave trade almost single-handedly after a long struggle without firing a shot. How I desperately wish that America could have ended the atrocity of slavery with similar tactics, without the long, ruinous War Between the States, which I regard as a pointless war on the scale of World War I.

Cheers, pip-pip and Adieu until next time!


elisabeth said...

I don't think I would be suited to McDonalds either. I am always thanking God that I got a first job that I love. Most teens don't have that priviladge.
Intresting that the first "quality" you mentioned Palin having was beauty. Are you saying no democrats are beautiful?
Concerning lunch, as I said before, you could have simply sat with the boys;)

Sola Gratia said...

And of course sitting with the boys would have made all my problems go away, right Liz? ;)

I really think Dokime could be slightly more mature.

Susan R. said...

I really don't think Mcdonalds is the job for me either! It's super crowded, seems like I'm always in somebodys way, too many obnoxious, jumpy managers criticizing and yelling at me, obscene, swearing coworkers...the list goes on and on. ugh...I'm ready for a new job.