Friday, September 19, 2008

The Down Syndrome Holocaust

I have never been comfortable with people who have Down Syndrome. I've had limited exposure to them, but they have always disturbed me. They are humans constrained by a chromosomal accident; a defect that has left them impaired but in no way sub-human. They are largely dependent on others throughout their lives. Even in adulthood, they remain much like children.

I am not comfortable around them because I, like many other people, sense that they are defective. If humanity was an assembly line, they would be miscast rejects.

But humanity is not an assembly line. It is, or should be, a compassionate race.

The human race's conduct towards Down Syndrome children has been a shameful travesty in recent years. 91-93%, yes, that's 91-93% of unborn children who may have Down Syndrome are aborted. Out of one hundred Down Syndrome babies, only seven or nine survive the womb. Abortion is always a terrible thing, but when victims of a certain genetic disorder are singled out like this, it reeks of holocaust. The Left's worse crime in recent years has been the resurrection of the culture of Eugenics: perfection of the human race through selective breeding and, implicitly, the destruction of "unfit" individuals. It is this motive that underpins much Leftist thinking on Abortion, assisted suicide, and the recent move in the United Kingdom to deny healthcare to old and obese people in the hope that they will die and cease being a burden on the system. When healthy, strong men and women of the world look at the old, the obese, the disabled, and those with Down Syndrome, they say or think, "You freaks! You impede our evolutionary progress. It is not economical to care for you. You will now be slaughtered for the good of the tribe."

This post-"Enlightenment" age claims to be the most civilized and advanced yet. But beneath the shiny veneer of technological progress, our barbarism is just as blatant and poisonous as anyone before us. We shake our heads at bloodthirsty soldiers from the past, but are our abortion providers, our Dr. Kevorkians more civilized? The answer is, not at all. The same mindset of purging the world of those you see as unfit to live is the very essence of Nazism and fascism. Thus, the Left in supporting the Eugenecist abortion doctors and the Michael Schiavos of the world comes full circle; in the end there is no difference between communism and fascism.

There is open revulsion in the affluent leftist classes for anyone who chooses to keep a Down Syndrome baby. In Ramesh Ponnurru's excellent "Party of Death," one woman who told another woman that she had a child with Down Syndrome met shock and something along the lines of, "But why didn't you dispose of it?" This sentiment also underpins much of the unflinching animosity towards Sarah Palin in leftish circles. She dared to keep an imperfect child, instead of letting its brains be suctioned out, where the Left insists that all women must abort their defective children, to keep their lives uncluttered. In dark corners, you will find people dissing Palin for the most idiotic reasons, but it all circles back to the fact that she's Pro-Life. Feminazis are scandalized. But we did this for you, dearie. They insisted on choice, but it is unthinkable to make the right choice to them.

CNS News has an interesting article, about a British study that found that for every six hundred Down Syndrome babies (almost all aborted), four hundred more babies without the defect are miscarried due to the invasive testing. In their zeal to protect civilization from the malformed, the Eugenecists have caused the death of thousands of normal babies. The first and last enemy of civilization is the persecution of the weak by the strong. The Jews by the Nazis. The Armenians by the Turks, the Kurds by Hussein, the Chechnyans and Georgians by the post-USSR Russia. And the innocent Down Sundrome babies by the abortionists. A tragedy, but beyond that. A lasting bloody stain on the tapestry of civilization.

If I sound angry, it's because I am. The blood of these children is on the hands of the abortionists, and beyond that on us as a culture; we let it happen. These crimes will be answered for.

I'm not uncomfortable with Down Syndrome people because of them, it's because of me. It's entirely my attitude, and my fault. I viewed them with sympathetic distaste, only one step away from the mindset of so many, who view them as pitiable, brain-dead things.

Hitler had deformed babies burned alive. The abortionists of today just suck out their brains.


elisabeth said...

Wow, that was probably your best artical. Thanks, I needed to hear that.

Susan R. said...

That's really sad. I feel really bad for people with down syndrome. I never knew that many got aborted! :(

Anonymous said...

Im glad you atleast admitted it is your opppinion. I wonder what would happen if i aborted a baby because it diddent have down syndrome and kept doing it untill i got one with it. My girlfreind has DS and i love her more than anything. So i probaly would havve a good chance of having a DS baby.