Wednesday, May 28, 2008


For those of you who are as yet unaware of this beautiful new phenomenon, SUMMER is here. That's right, ladies and gentlemen. School. Is. Over. And I love it. The last weeks of May and the first weeks of June are really the most beautiful time here in Baldwin. After the cold and the mud, but before the oppressive, insect-ravaged heat. Early Fall, too, is beautiful, but in that season the glory of summer is declining, instead of growing as it is right now. This is my second official day of summer vacation, and I enjoyed it immensely, not least because we had the Renz over, and listened to some great muzak and played some great rounds of Halo 3 and Ghost Recon.

The political scene, my usual forte, has been abnormally quiet these last few days. Obama is now the presumptive nominee, but the CW is that Clinton won't bow out gracefully--her only reason to do so would be if she had a reasonable chance of becoming Obama's VP pick, which I and most pundits and Nancy Pelosi don't see as a real possibility--but will stick it to the bitter end, no matter what the cost to the Democrat's seemingly stellar chances in November.

Reading National Review on Monday, I found a rather profound statement regarding Obama's election by the establishment. If, or when, Obama becomes the nominee, he will be the only nominee from any party in the history of the United States to have lost California, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida, Michigan, and Texas--the biggest states in the Union, with the exception of their mutual home state and Obama's constituent state Illinois. When you think about it, that's rather stunning. Equally so are the several polls I've read indication that a substantial portion of Clinton's supporters will NOT vote for Obama. I think I remember 15%. That, too, is a staggering number, and could tip the balance in McCain's favor.

What else? Good question. I'm trying to think about ways to snazz up the blog. I think tonight or tomorrow I'm going to have a brainstorming session about topics, so look for more at Mosings in the future. Until then, my friends, live long and prosper.


sweetggirl said...

WOOOT for SUMMA!!! No hw is pretty rad. :)3 months to just put my feet up and rellaaaxxxxx......XD

elisabeth said...

Wait mos, did'nt you finish school May 21? What do you consider summer vacation, when school lets out or some other time?

madscientist said...

wooo!! that day was awesome!! lol too bad i sold the xbox now ;)