Wednesday, May 7, 2008

HRC Slowly losing ground, End-of-the-year blues

First things first. Hillary Clinton scraped a two-point win in Indiana, but lost by a huge margin in North Carolina; the two states which held their primaries yesterday. This is probably the beginning of the end for the Clinton campaign: she's been a long-shot since Super Tuesday, but held on. This result was probably not the shut-out Obama was expecting, but does her already-faltering campaign a good deal of damage.

Robert Novak's Political Report said that we shouldn't be surprised if she drops our before the end of the primaries in June. I think he's underestimating the Clinton ambition; if I know her, she'll stay in as long as she has a mathematical chance--neither candidate can get the number of delegates needed for an outright win, so it could still get down to quibbling.

If Hillary sticks it to the convention, she does have a card up her sleeve: The Michigan and Florida primaries, which didn't actually count because of Democratic shenanigans, both went to her. We're talking about two of the largest states in the Union. With those delegates counted, she's considerably closer to Barack Obama. A contested convention would be a dream for Republicans, and make the odds much more even for McCain.

Besides that, the political scene has been quiet: no real scandals or even news since Eliot Spitzer.

I'm getting something I get every year: the blues. Every spring, it seems, I have melancholy periods. Tonight I had one because it was the last night of youth group. What a blessing that's been for me! It's a great group of people, and some of them are of course going off to college and other things. However, everything happens because God willed it, so I shouldn't really be melancholy. Life goes on, and it's my duty to show the Spirit in it. I really, really can't wait for finals and graduation to be over. School seems to be unraveling at the seams, yet the homework load is still oppressive. Now more than ever, I don't have the urge to do it. It pains me to admit it, but I did actually leave some assignments from Monday till the VERY last minute--and trust me, it showed. Why do I do that? Good question. My inborn procrastination, in my opinion my very worst fault, rears its ugly head again. I can't imagine becoming a respectable member of society with the almost fearful aversion I have to actually getting work done. Why, oh why, oh why? *Sigh*


sweetggirl said...

Well I hope that it IS the end for Hillary. And I'm sorta starting to get that "I-don't-wanna-do-schoolwork" attitude too. Actually, now that I think of it, I've had it since about January, but it's only getting worse now....And Mos, you already are a respectable member of society! ;)

madscientist said...

well hillary may be losing, but operation chaos sure has given obama a run for his money! lol i love operation chaos..its such a brilliant idea!! lol im done ranting about random stuff...when u said hillarys name it reminded of that...:P

Sola Gratia said...

Rach: Thanks a bunch, but I meant a respectable, paycheck-earning member of society ;).

Andrew: Was that what Rush did? Get the Republicans to vote for Hillary?
It did work, at least for a while, LOL.

sweetggirl said...

Oh okay. Well, you're still be a respectable, paycheck-earning member of society. Just give it time. Once somebody discovers your many talents, you will be a millionare in no time. ;)

sweetggirl said...

oops, you'll, not you're. :p

Dokime said...

I made a post on DotDok!