Wednesday, April 9, 2008

McCain-Rice? Yes, please!

I have always been an admirer of Secretary Rice. She is a strong, capable leader, good-humored, and a concert pianist as well. She's also the most powerful woman in the country, possibly even the world. And now word is that she's courting McCain for a spot on his ticket. I think that's GREAT news for the Republican party. Allow me to explain. McCain, as you may know, is an old, white, male. Thus, he stands to gain at least some voters from the Democrats who refuse to vote for either a black man or a white woman. However, with relatively young, black, female Condoleeza Rice on the ticket, things change considerably. These backwash, racist, sexist voters would be repulsed, and would fall out of the scene, hopefully to reconsider their views. Meanwhile, McCain-Rice would be an unstoppable combination with the rest of the country: polls show that this ticket would beat a Clinton-Obama ticket in New York, most liberal of states, by three points, and an Obama-Clinton ticket by FIVE. These are winning numbers, ladies and gentlemen. Anyone who can carry the red states plus New York wins. Period. Add California and the pot is even sweeter. McCain would be foolish to ignore Rice's behind-the-scenes jockeying, if it's really going on.

McCain-Rice '08!!