-great" look?
(10) Who was the most tragic?
(11) Who's British accent was the best?
(12) Who was the most powerful?

So, in order:

(1): Kenobi, Gandalf, and Dumbledore were all father figures to protagonists who were all, interestingly, orphans in fact or appearance. The question is: Who did his job the best? I tend to lean towards Dumbledore. Thoughts?

(2): Hmm, I think this one's a draw.

(3): Hmm....Kenobi is pretty humorless. He's out. Dumbledore has a sense of humor, but I think that Gandalf's rare bursts of humor, when they come, throw him to the top of the heap.

(4): Kenobi, hands down. The others were only friends of the pauper villains defeated in book two, or even before the series began.

(5) Hmm...another toughie. Dumbledore's long drop was a little too comic for my sensibilities, Gandalf's death was dramatic, powerful, and awesome but lost some of its luster later due to the fact that Gandalf never actually died. Kenobi's disappearing-act gets style and coolness points. Although he AND Dumbledore made a second appearance after their deaths. Well, I think Kenobi's scene is pretty darn awesome, so I have to go with that one, but Gandalf is a close second.

(6): Hmm. Gandalf was not entirely human, so he's out. Kenobi and Dumbledore, however, were. As humanity by its nature is devoid of the supernatural powers both men possessed, this seems like a challenge. I think, however, that in the end Kenobi's subtle Jedi skills are less gimmicky and more human than Dumbledore's sometimes-over the top (IMHO) powers. Kenobi, again.

(7): Dumbledore, obviously. Although the others could have been too.

(8): This one's hard. Dumbledore is out, because he never really does this. Kenobi's sharp, nasal retorts to Han Solo and others are legendary, but Gandalf's harsh but fair treatment of Pippin, Boromir, and others wins the day.

(9): Gandalf, hands down.

(10): Gandalf is out, since he didn't actually die. Kenobi and Dumbledore, then, are left to fight amongst themselves. I think Dumbledore's death had a larger effect than Kenobi's did, especially as the keys to solving the mystery of the Hallows, etc., lay with him. Kenobi's death was a turning point, but not quite as tear-jerking. As I said in another post today, when Dumbledore died, I actually cried as I didn't with the others, even though I read/watched them at an earlier age.

(11): Kenobi, hands down, again. His nasal, refined accent can take all comers. Even Michael Gambon's gravelly drone and Ian McKellan's gruff, thick drama can't compare.

(12): Another difficult one. Kenobi's subtle force powers and Gandalf's seldom-used wizardry would be totally flattened by Dumbledore's conspicuous talent, which drips from the tip of his crooked nose. Except for Kenobi's after-death appearances and Gandalf's fight with the balrog, which I think is one of the best bits of cinema of all time. So, this one could go anyway, but I tend to think that if there WERE a three-way battle, Kenobi's raw power would win over the others, simply because of their different styles. Gandalf's one wizarding battle, with Saruman, was absolutely the LAMEST part of the series, paradoxically. Dumbledore's masterful get-'em scene in Ootp, where he trounced Voldemort's skinny white you-know-what, however, was not. However, I think Kenobi's brunt force would win in the end.

So, let's tally up: three Gandalfs, three Dumbledores, five Kenobis, and a tie. So, I think Kenobi is all-around the best. However, I'm open to other opinions."