Sunday, January 27, 2008

Article Review: The Next Best Job for Fred Dalton Thompson

NightTwister over at Redstate has an interesting short article about Fred Thompson's future. In short, he wants Fred Thompson on the Supreme Court. I think that be great. He's always reminded me a little bit of Justice Thomas, in his general manner. The Supreme Court tends Conservative now, but if Justice Kennedy or one of the other liberal geezers dies or retires before 2009, well then. Another Bush nominee. If he picked a younger man, like Thompson--and that tells you how really old the Supreme Court is--the Court would be solidly Conservative for the next decade or more. Scalia, Roberts, Alito, and Thomas are all fairly young, whereas Ginsburg and Kennedy are ancient, and it seems to me I'm forgetting someone else old, but I don't know.

Well, nobody's STILL reading my blog. No comments on the last five posts. Quite a record.


sweetggirl said...'re hoping Thompson gets into the Supreme court? Coolness.....