Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Several Disturbing things I should bring to your attention

Well, first of all, I had a good Thanksgiving. I hope yours went well too.

And so, to business.

I watched YET ANOTHER Republican debate tonight, after youth group. Whoever thought of having EIGHTEEN MONTHS of Presidential debates ought to be shot. It was entertaining.

I've been wavering on Huckabee lately, because even though he's a fairly polished, Conservative candidate, he's not as Conservative as Romney and Giuliani are pretending to be, and so he is getting bad press from Right-wingers. Who, incidentally, seem to be ignoring Giuliani's liberality on social issues--probably because he's higher in the polls than Huckabee is. But anyway, both Ann Coulter and Jason Lewis made some good points against him. The only other Republican I would support is Thompson, but we'll see.

Second, a poll came out a few days ago that said, in candidate-to-candidate matchups, that Hillary Clinton would lose to all five top Republican candidates. Giuliani, Romney, McCain, Thompson, and even Huckabee. This seems like good news for the anti-Hillary crowd, but the poll went on to find that ALL the Republicans would be beaten in matchups with both Barack Obama and John Edwards.

Bearing that poll, as well as the fact that Sens. John Kerry and Teddy Kennedy, as well as Al Gore have all endorsed Obama or are planning to, in mind, I think Hillary has next to zilch chances. But, I guess we'll see.



Sola Gratia said...

Well, obviously, no one cares whether I update or not *sniff*. FINE! I'll just quietly fade into obliivion! Don't mind me!

sweetggirl said...

NOOO! Don't fade into oblivion! Honestly, if you didn't write stuff in your blog about politics, all I would know is who the president of the U.S. is....if that,LOL.

Susan R. said...

Life ain't what it seems, gunny. Whenever you think youv'e got it figured, your wrooong

elisabeth said...

what, Susie? Mos, you just updated your blog, how soon do you expect people to notice? I am glad Hillary Bleepin is loosing favor.