Saturday, April 28, 2007

The Party of Lust, Candidate # 3

John Edwards

He just won't go away. Some people, uneducated, crude, vulgar, republican people, but people nonetheless, might be deterred by the fact that you had lost a presidential election in your own state. And yet, that's exactly what John Edwards hasn't done. I suppose you have to give him credit for perseverance. I mean, who in their right mind would be so heedless that he would continue to tun in the face of already having lost, and his wife, who he appears to love, having breast cancer again. Well, I guess all we've only proved that he's rather thick-skulled. In fact, many eminent doctors are of the opinion that his brain is no longer connected to the rest of his body, and that his body is merely "running on fumes" as one put it. Some are even of the opinion that he has no brain in his head. This may explain why he recently spent $400 on a haircut, out of his campaign donations. You'd think a former lawyer would know that you can't get away with things like that. Oh, wait... Anyway, Edwards doesn't have a chance against Obama or Clinton. I wouldn't even back him against Giuliani or Romney. Good Riddance, Brek Girl.


sweetggirl said...

I totally agree. And by the way, I would never vote for Edwards. Even if he was the last person on the planet to vote for. But I guess at that point I wouldn't have to vote for him..........he would automatically be voted into office,LOL.